Why You Should Choose S.E.R.M School!

† The school continuously imbibes best practices from other globally distinguished institutions and provides numerous opportunities to students to learn distant languages and cultures while preserving Indian values.

†A determined effort is made to provide an innovative, compassionate and dignified environment, transforming each student into righteous human beings, proud Indians and highly successful global citizens.

†From Class-1 onwards, students are motivated to appreciate and value the unique qualities of their schoolmates, teachers, families and communities at large. Subjects are thoughtfully graded and diligently integrated so as to better reinforce the associations between the lessons learned. Classroom material is customized to the developmental needs of children of all age groups.

†Children are equipped with various tools to be able to master tough academic challenges including languages, math, social studies, literature and science. Moreover, our worldwide focus gears students to tackle bigger challenges beyond the curriculum.

†S.E.R.M School encourages technology based learning through partnership with F.I.S.H technologies.

†S.E.R.M School encourages technology based learning through partnership with F.I.S.H technologies.

†Home Work is creative and complimentary to the students work during the day and is work sheet based and doesn't require parents help.

†Special activities follow the lessons taught for a better insight and to cultivate a keen interest in the curriculum.

†Separate time slots and innovative teaching methods allow the slow learners to overcome their areas of weakness and gain confidence to achieve better results.

†Learning takes place in small groups during which debates and discussions are encouraged.

†Customized teaching program by our resource teachers for the slow learners.There are few species whose personalities are different and when you meet them you can see the difference and that's what S.E.R.M School caters out. In this very short span of time this school of our have produced numerous state toppers and athlete's but above all these student have great character and sheer passion to achieve and serve the mankind. As they say Education is not what you study at school but is that what you remember after you leave your school.

†The things taught at S.E.R.M School are not an education, but the means of education. Laboratory and classrooms alone doesn't make a great school, but what makes it great is its values, morals and above all its teachers. Teachers here at S.E.R.M School not only teach but also guide and mentor students.With the consistency in teaching standard and evolving teaching mythology, it's a place to be for every child.